Aylin Aktürk Consultant

Dr. Aylin Aktürk Şahin is the cofounder of Igniters Tech Consulting which offers startups technical and business consulting services to enter US market and enable them to connect with their network of investors, business and technology partners. She helps startups design and manage their localization in the USA. She also provides consulting services to Venture Capital Firms and angel investors regarding their investments in US based companies. 

Upon starting her law career in Sabancı Holding, Aylin worked in a prominent law firm in Istanbul on M&A projects and in the field of Commercial Law for 7 years. During this period, she completed her masters at Galatasaray University and continued her Ph.D. studies in Private International Law at İstanbul University. Aylin served as parliamentary advisor to European Union Harmonization Commission and Justice Commission at Turkish Parliament between 2007-2011. She has briefed and advised members of the Turkish Parliament and European Parliament on more than 30 draft Codes in the field of Business Law, International Law and Intellectual Property Law.

She did her masters at UC Berkeley Law School later moving on to her JSD (Ph.D.) on technology law. She worked as a research assistant at UC Berkeley Law School and Department of Political Science.   During this period, she was invited to Max Planck Institute on Innovation and Competition as a visiting scholar. She worked on global Internet policies at EFF, one of the most prominent Internet and digital rights associations in the USA.  She has academic publications on technology law, investment and commercial law alongside international intellectual property law and political science.