Serhat Koç Academic Consultant

Born in 1980, Mr. Serhat Koç graduated from the Ankara University, Faculty of Law and received his LL.M. degree on Information Technology Law with his thesis "Legal Analysis of Social Media and Comparative Legislative Solution Proposals" and from the Istanbul Bilgi University, Institute of Information Technology Law. He focuses on the areas of Information and Communication Technologies Law and Intellectual Property Law as a legal advisor, attorney at law, university lecturer, academic researcher, policy advisor, activist and entrepreneur.

His recent professional/academic research concentrates on legal, technical and sociological aspects of internet as social/new media, cloud computing, copyleft, creative commons, artificial intelligence, internet of things and blockchain philosophy/technology.

Mr. Koç managed to create a compilation of published academic or sector specific and/or academic papers and additionally he has been an in house lecturer for respected organizations and universities and also participated as a speaker at numerous national and international conferences and panels especially on the subjects like Internet governance, Censorship, National Internet legislation and policymaking, Surveillance and Privacy, Internet access, Protection of human rights online, Corporate governance in the ICT sector.

During his professional life, He has happened to get involved with online media on a more organizational basis as having chance to gain experiences in regulation of audio-visual sectors or projects in media, government and NGO cooperation.

Serhat Koç generally concentrates in strategic intellectual property (IP) policies-advice, software/Internet licensing, and copyright, His special focus is on Data Protection Issues in the Context of Information Technology Law. He pays special importance to Online Freedoms: Access to Information Online, Digital Surveillance on Social Media and Human Rights for the Internet and Internet Content Regulation, Privacy: Technical and Legal Aspects, Anonymity by Design and Open/Free Information / Access: Digital Participatory Commons”.

He is a member of İstanbul Bar Association and Union of Turkish Bars, Internet Society, Informatics Association of Turkey, OYUNDER’s (Turkish Game Developers Association) Board of Legal Advisors and founding member of Internet Society’s Turkey Chapter, Creative Commons Turkey, Common Platform Against Internet Censorship, Intellectual Property Platform Academic Research Group, Beyond The Net” Project, İstanbul Bar Association’s Information Technology Law Council and Personal Data Protection Law Council.