Gülçin Doğan joined us as Tax Department Consultant.
Written By Aksan Law Firm | 05 November 2021

As Aksan Law Firm, we are pleased to announce that Att. Gülçin Doğan has joined us as a “Consultant” in our Tax Department as of November 2021.

Gülçin Doğan graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law and started working as a lawyer at Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. in 1991. She worked as Assistant Legal Counsel and Regional Legal Counsel under the Financial Consulting Unit of the Bank until May 2021 where she had provided in-house consultancy in the field of tax
legislation and she also followed up the Bank's tax cases during such period.

She had been a member of the board of directors at İşNet between 2013 and 2021; In the meanwhile, she has worked as a member of the Tax Committee within the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB).

Doğan works as an Advisor under the Aksan Tax Department in the fields of tax consultancy, administrative or judicial resolution of tax disputes and follow-up of lawsuits

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