Mustafa Tırtır Criminal Law Consultant

Mustafa Tırtır graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law. He completed his legal internship in the law firm of Prof. Köksal Bayraktar, his professor from university. After completing his military service he worked as a lawyer at Prof. Köksal Bayraktar’s law firm until 2011 when he set up his own firm. The same year he was admitted to the Istanbul Commerce University graduate program on public law.

Mustafa Tırtır started consultancy services at Aksan Law Firm as the head of the criminal law department. He is a member of the Ideal Hukuk Editorial Board and an attorney of trademark and patent law. He has over 25 articles on criminal legislation, as well as criminal law in relation to the press and visual media. Mustafa Tırtır has been working in the field of criminal law for over 14 years.